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Delicious Protein Oats

purely inspired protein oats

One of the most nourishing, easy and healthy breakfasts is a bowl of oatmeal. However, since one cup of cooked oats only contains 6g of protein, oatmeal alone may not keep you full until lunch, especially if you’re sticking to a workout regimen.

There are several ways to add protein, healthy fats and even superfoods to make your bowl work for you and your health goals, and also make it more delicious. In honor of National Protein Day, here are 4 things to stir into your oatmeal to make it more satiating, while keeping it gluten free and plant based.


  1. ½ to a full scoop of Purely Inspired organic protein powder – one scoop adds 22g of non-gmo, gluten free, no added soy and dairy free protein.  The decadent chocolate and French vanilla also add flavor and a touch of sweetness and zero artificial sweeteners), as well as creaminess and thickness.
  2. Seeds like chia, ground flax, or hemp – adding in a teaspoon to tablespoon of these seeds can seriously boost your bowl with omega-3’s, fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (like magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B).
  3. Use non-dairy milk instead of water (or a mix of both!) – not only will this add creaminess and a better flavor, but protein as well.
  4. Nut butter – for one last hit of protein that also tastes incredible. Nut butter also contains  monounsaturated fats.

All in all, oatmeal is the perfect breakfast to support your body, fuel the day, and also make your tastebuds happy. Make a fresh bowl each day or prep a few servings at the beginning of the week and keep them in the fridge to make mornings easier. Don’t forget to add more of your favorite toppings (like fresh fruit!) to make them even better.